Our catering team prepares dishes daily using fresh ingredients. We also offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options to ensure everyone can enjoy our food. Our catering service can be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

  • Mix Wrap Platter


    1 Chicken, 1 Falafel, 1 Halloumi, 1 Kofte, 1 Sucuk and 1 Feta Cheese

  • Vegetarian Mix Wrap Platter


    2 Falafel, 2 Halloumi and 2 Feta Cheese Wrap

  • Kisir (Crushed Wheat Salad) Platter


    Crushed wheat mixed with onion, peppers, celery, tomato paste, herbs, lemon and olive oil.

  • Zeytinyagli Bakla ( Broad Beans Salad) Platter


    Broad beans cooked in olive oil and dill served with yoghurt

  • Peynirli Borek Platter (20 Pieces)


    Filo pastry filled with feta cheese, parsley, dill and spring onion

  • Cacik Platter


    Yoghurt with chopped cucumber, mint, and garlic.

  • Dolma Platter (25 pieces)


    Vine leaves stuffed with rice, onion, pine kernels and herbs

  • Falafel Platter (25 Pieces)


    Ground chickpeas, broad beans and vegetables seasoned with spiced.

  • Mushroom Croquetas Platter (50 Pieces)


    Vegan mushroom croquetas with almond and mushroom sauce

  • Humus Platter


    Chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic.

  • Potato Salad Platter


    Potato salad mixed with chilli flakes, onion, herbs, olive oil and lemon

  • Kofte Platter (Meat Ball)


    20 pieces of grilled minced lamb meatballs. More info

  • Sultan Lamb (20 Scewers)


    Grilled marinated lamb on skewers served on rice.

  • Sultan Chicken (20 Skewers)


    Grilled marinated chicken on skewers served on rice.

  • Kanat / Chicken Wings Platter (25 Pieces)


    Marinated chicken wings grilled over charcoal

  • Rice Patter


    Turkish style rice

  • Turkish Bread Platter


    Turkish Bread

  • Baklava Platter


    A traditional Turkish dessert. Pastry filled with honey and nuts15 pieces.

  • Homemade Kazandibi Platter (15 Peices)


    Caramel based Turkish pudding with pistachio.